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About Us

About Us

Turkish Tunnelling Society is a young Society of Engineers and Professional Engineers including civil, mining, mechanical, geological, surveying and geophysical.

The Turkish Tunnelling Society (TTS) aims to advance the knowledge of the Turkish Tunnelling Industry through areas of design, construction of underground spaces, metro tunnels, sewerage tunnels, water tunnels, including technical aspects, excavation, support, health and safety, and ecologically sustainable development. The TTS is jointly sponsored by individual and corporate engineers Turkey.

Only in Istanbul, a great number of infrastructure tunnels are planned to be excavated soon, such as a 185 km metro tunnel and a 47 km waste water tunnel. The total cost of these projects is higher than 10 billion Euros.

The Bosphorus highway crossing project has already finished. The machine was used in the tube under 14 bars of pressure was a technological masterpiece. A wide network of tunnels will be created not only in Istanbul but throughout Turkey. About 1000 hydroelectric power plant projects are being discussed today, and most of these projects include the excavation of tunnels. Turkey has become a center for national and foreign tunneling companies .

Prof. Dr. Nuh Bilgin
President of Turkish Tunnelling Society